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ALRIGHT, well if you're into the Newgrounds Audio Portal, check out my new radio station. It plays the very best of the Audio Portal!!! Best of all, you can stream it free of charge and with no hassle!

Just follow this link:


Himanshu Kapoor's (Aeonus') Website

Well, I'm doing a collaboration with Himanshu Kapoor, AKA, Aeonus for his new game, Word Bubble. Obviously, I'm doing the music. So, check out his website which is the link above. So, expect to see that game coming out soon on various sites.

In the meanwhile, check out some of my songs!

I'm been really busy writing music for that game, which is one of the reasons why I haven't uploaded a song in a while. But fret not, for I'll be posting some music from Word Bubble once all the music gets approved by Himanshu.

Well, one of my favorites song I wrote was A Midnight Lullaby. I can still listen to it whenever and never feel bored. I played it for some of my friends and got some good responses, so I figured I might as well revisit it and see if I can make it any better.

So, I wrote lyrics for it and I'll be getting a friend of mine to sing it, she has an amazing voice, so you won't be disappointed. I'll also try to see if I can get some of my friends to play the pieces live.

It's really cool to write something and then have someone else perform it. Watching how they interpret the music is something really fascinating.

I'll keep on writing more music and maybe one day get recognized on this website. You never know.


2009-06-18 18:23:43 by TheShow720

I really want to get my music exposed to the world, and hopefully gain some positive feedback. Doing this means that I need to get my music into online media, like flash games and movies. So, if you like the samples I have here and you're looking for a composer for your upcoming movie/game, I would love to collaborate with you. I can assure I'm very hardworking and dedicated to my work.

So, you can either message me or leave a comment here.


New Song

2009-06-16 18:22:20 by TheShow720

Well, after stepping away for a while, I made a new song. Tell you the truth, I'm not completely happy with it, but I just needed to make something, and I don't usually make songs of this genre, so it was for the better...hopefully.

I think I'm going to be making some more good quality songs for my up and coming album, Not Far Enough. Expect to here more from me soon!

Inspiration please!

2009-03-05 19:18:06 by TheShow720

I need some inspiration--and fast! I need to release some new albums, if anyone has any ideas of what they would like to hear, comment. Don't be shy :)

No Picture

2009-03-02 17:31:35 by TheShow720

Hm, just realized I don't have any pictures for my profile or my songs. Not really sure what to put there. Any ideas?

Of course, you could just make me one...

Not Far Enough

2009-03-02 16:53:38 by TheShow720

Alright, so I'm working on my new album, Not Far Enough. I released two singles, A Midnight Lullaby and Why Not? Check them out when you get a chance. Expect to see more soon!